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 Guidelines and instructions

You are invited to submit original abstracts in any of the congress’ scientific topics by 15 March, 2023  Postponed to 30 March, 2023

Abstracts must contain original scientific data collected by the author(s).

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.

The abstract may be scheduled for presentation on 30, 31 August and 1 September, 2023

Please, ensure you have read the guidelines and instructions below to avoid rejection of your abstracts.

NOTE: Abstracts submitted by email and fax will NOT be accepted. The Scientific Committee will not accept responsibility for any abstracts that have not been properly submitted according to the instructions.

 Abstract format

There are three types of presentation available: ORAL, E-POSTER and VIDEO.

Please note that selecting oral will not ensure that your abstract is considered for oral presentation. As presentation slots are limited your abstract may be reallocated for poster presentation.

 Abstract Preparation

For the preparation of your abstract, please follow the instructions below:

 Abstracts must be written in English and submitted as Word file ONLY in A4 format, using the online submission form

 Title: up to 20 words in lower case

 Body of the abstract: up to 350 words in 1 page only

 Font: Times New Roman 12

IFSO accepted nomenclature:

  • Use first person language: Authors should not use “obese” as an adjective or noun to describe an individual person or group of people, but instead use terms such as “people with obesity” and “populations with obesity”.

  • Use “severe obesity” (or reference BMI range or Class), never “morbid obesity”, “super-obesity” or “extreme-obesity” and all derivations (morbidly, super obese, etc..)

  • Do not use words such as: “success/failure”, “recidivism”, “non-compliant”, “gold-standard”, “last-resort”

  • Avoid the term “weight-loss surgery”; instead use “bariatric-metabolic surgery”

  • Imagery: do not use headless people, stereotypical/stigma = takeaway boxes, fast food, ill-fitting clothes, etc.


The abstract must be split into the following sections:

  • Background

  • Objectives

  • Methods

  • Results

  • Conclusion

Tables and figures

Tables and figures must be enclosed into the body of the abstract – a maximum of 2 can be submitted. Note that inserting tables will reduce your word capacity.

 VIDEO Preparation

Prepare the abstract text according to the instructions given above.

In addition BE READY with the video that MUST BE UPLOADED at the same time of the abstract submission (not at a later stage) .

The video should be prepared as follows:

 Videos must include verbal narration in English. Narration must use generic terms, and videos cannot contain any evidence of commercial support

 Acceptable video format: .mp4. Suggested Codec: H.264

 Maximum length of the video: 7 minutes

 Maximum size of the video: 100 MB

 Videos should be in a standardized format:

  • Video title

  • Disclosure

  • Clinical presentation and indication for surgery

  • Preoperative x-ray images/endoscopy/blood results

  • Operative procedure

  • Postoperative outcome

  • Conclusions



 Prepare your word file (do not exceed 4 MB).

 To guarantee the blind review, please upload the text of your abstract only.

 Title, Authors’ Names and Affiliations will be merged on your abstract automatically using the data that you will type on the online form. Therefore please make sure that you do not mistype and, if you intend to change, replace or cancel names and affiliations in the future, remember to do so on the online form.

The organizers will not be responsible for any missing or mistyped name in the program.

 When the text is ready, go on the online form and follow the steps below:

  • Fill in the details of the Submitter. 

  • Fill in with accuracy the Name and Family Name, Department, Hospital/University/Company city, country and email address of the submitter and of all authors

  • Do not forget to tick on the appropriate box to indicate the name of the presenting author

  • Select the preferred type of presentation (Oral, Poster, Video)

  • Select the topic

  • Type the abstract’s title

  • Choose your file and click on the button upload

  • Press the button SAVE. You will see a summary of the information that you have digited



When you reach the last page of the process (ABSTRACTS SUBMISSION COMPLETED), you will find a link to upload your video. Click on it before ending the submission process.Video must not exceed 50 MB and the file should be named with the title of the video.


At the end of the process, the submitter will receive by email the confirmation of submission, together with a username and a password. Authors can login anytime into the abstract submission system and make all changes to the abstract, till the deadline.

The Submitter will be notified of their abstract acceptance by 30 April, 2023.

The abstracts, after the review process, cannot be changed anymore and will be printed by Springer in the Obesity Surgery Journal as they have been received.


All abstract presenters are required to register to attend the Congress by the Early Bird deadline, no later than 30 May, 2023. If they have not registered by this date their abstract will be automatically withdrawn from the program and from the abstracts book without any further notice.

For any enquiry on abstracts submission: abstracts@ifso2023.org

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