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 IFSO rules for abstract submission

After the IFSO World Congress and no later than 1 October, 2023, all the abstracts accepted for a “TOP Papers Session” require a manuscript (full paper) submission to Obesity Surgery, the official Journal of IFSO.
For all the other abstracts manuscript submission to Obesity Surgery is encouraged.
The authors who will submit their studies (manuscripts) by 1 October, 2023, will be recognized in the “Congratulations page” published by the Editor in Chief of Obesity Surgery.
In order to be evaluated as an IFSO abstract submission, please make sure to include details in your cover letter regarding your accepted IFSO abstract.
The manuscript will have to be submitted for publication at the latest by four weeks after the Congress (by October, 2023) following the guidelines of Obesity Surgery Journal (https://www.editorialmanager.com/obsu/). In order to be evaluated as an IFSO abstract submission, please make sure to include details in your cover letter regarding your accepted IFSO abstract.
There is no guarantee that the paper will be accepted for publication, as it will be peer reviewed as per the Journal standard process.

If the author wishes to submit the article to a different journal, he/she has to inform – in writing at the latest 4 weeks before the Congress (by 30 July, 2023) – the Abstract Team info@mcmcongressi.it explaining why he/she is asking for an exception and giving evidence of the submission to the other journal, in order to be excused.
The Editor-in-Chief of Obesity Surgery will decide about the exemption.
If the paper is rejected from the other journal, it will have to be submitted to Obesity Surgery.
If the paper is not submitted to Obesity Surgery, the author will be banned from submission to Obesity Surgery and to the IFSO World Congress for one year.

If you request a manuscript exemption, you will be asked to attest to the following:
“I am requesting an exemption from submitting my manuscript to Obesity Surgery because I believe this study would be more appropriate in a higher impact journal (name of the journal) or in a non-surgical journal with a broader impact on the medical community than if it were published in Obesity Surgery”.

The name of the Journal to whom you plan to submit your manuscript when requesting the exemption has to be listed.

Authors will be notified of acceptance/rejection of their abstracts by April 2023. If an author so desires, they will have a week from the decision notification date to withdraw their abstract from the proceedings.

Further information on the presentation (presentation PowerPoint Template, presentation date/time for oral and video presenters, set up details for poster presenters) will be sent in due course only to the submitting or presenting (if changed from the original abstract submitter) author.

Please inform the Abstract Team in case you are not able to attend the Congress to present your study. In case of a no-show without written justification to abstracts@ifso2023.org before the start of the Congress, the author will receive a suspension from participation in the next two IFSO Congresses.

Submitted abstracts/cases should not have been published in any other journals and/or online publications nor presented at any previous international congress.

Submitting or presenting an already published work will lead to:

Withdrawal of the presentation from the Scientific Sessions
Prohibition of submitting abstracts to any IFSO Congress for one year

Submitted abstracts must report new information, not previously published or presented at a national or international scientific meeting prior to the Congress. Abstracts previously presented at meetings will not be accepted unless there is a substantial update of data.

Identified duplicates will be retracted from all related IFSO publications and scientific sessions.

By submitting your work to the IFSO 2023, you consent to have authors’ names, affiliations and biographical material used in connection with the publication of your work.

The content belongs to the author(s). However, if the abstract/case is accepted, the submitter agrees, on behalf of all co-authors, to transfer and assign to IFSO the rights to reformat, publish, reproduce, distribute and prepare derivative works such as press releases and/or educational products directly or with partners. This includes use in indexes or search databases in print, electronic, or other media.

All accepted abstracts will be published online in the Annual Meeting Supplement of Obesity Surgery.  

Author(s) retain the right, after presentation at the Congress, to subsequently include the work in articles, books, or derivative works that he/she authors or edits, provided said use does not imply the endorsement of IFSO.

The submitter signs for all co-authors. He/she accepts responsibility for the rules for submission and presentation on behalf of all co-authors.

The submitter also grants and assigns to IFSO2023 the rights to film, record, reproduce, reprint, and otherwise make use of the works, or any presentation of the works, in any media or format, and authorize the IFSO2023 to use name, likeness, photograph, and biographical data in connection with its use and promotion of the works in connection with education works related to the Congress.

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